Until RTX and the RWBY premiere!
RWBY is a new animated series directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.

* i try to tag every gifset made on the day an episode aired with rwbyspoilers.


SPOILER — Ruby has a bad dust trip and thinks she’s a Grimm Dolphin in RWBY Volume 2!  Woooo!!


Favourite Trailers - RWBY Red - 1 2


ep 1 start in like one min you still have time to join!


Rooster Teeth Tumblr Community Watch2Gether

The watch2gether will be on Tuesday, April 15th 5 PM EST or 4 PM Central.

Make your nickname your url.

It will be hosted here.

Everyone is welcome to join but do not spoil if there is anyone who is watching for the first time.


okay yeah everyone likes to stick blake with kitty traits like purring etc but what if velvet binkies when she gets really happy

Flower Girl

A mix for and about our blond queen, Yang Xiao Long. [Listen]

1.Power & Control - Marina & the Diamonds 2. Died in Your Arms - Bastille 3. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys 4. Hello Little Girl - Aaron Johnson 5. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran 6. Who We Are - Imagine Dragons 7. Dark Horse - Katy Perry 8. And I love Her - The Beatles 9. Start of Time - Gabrielle Aplin 10. Reminder - Mumford & Sons + (bonus. Fench Song!) Ava - Coeur de Pirate


I just needed to do some RWBY stuff so have a crappy 10 minutes doodle of the queen of the universe.


BAD WISDOM // a blake belladonna fanmix
dl // listen

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